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 Producer of software tools 


Borland first came to fame as the vendor of Turbo Pascal, an MS-DOS product that was one of the first IDEs, including a WordStar compatible editor, a Pascal compiler, and a debugger in an integrated product. They followed Turbo Pascal with Turbo C, Turbo Basic, and Turbo Prolog, as well as Sidekick, an MS-DOS TSR that included a notepad and several other functions.

Borland spun off the compiler and IDE business as Codegear, to concentrate on Application Lifecycle Management solutions. Codegear has recently become a unit of Embarcadero Technologies.

On May 6th, 2009, Borland announced an agreement to be acquired by Micro Focus International, plc.

Borland is the company that owned both CodeWright and brief at different times in its history.

It has managed to kill both products.

Borland also owned Sprint, a powerful programmer's editor and word processor. That program was heavily supported by the public, CompuServe forums, and various user groups. Sprint was a powerful and very fast program. I owned a copy of it, and had probably 6 volumes on using Sprint. It was rich, fast, and ... well, it died at Borland's hands. -- EricPement
Unless memory totally fails me, Sprint began as Mark of the Unicorn's Mince (Mince Is Not Complete Emacs), an Emacs like editor for CP/M. MOTU later ported Mince to DOS, and enhanced it to become a full fledged word processor called the Final Word. Borland acquired Final Word, and renamed it to Sprint.

The late SF writer Jack Chalker wrote 26 novels using Final Word, was deeply unhappy about what Borland did, and at one point had plans to try to buy the rights from Borland and put it back out in the classic form he used. -- DMcCunney

At one time, Borland sold a package called the "Borland Editor Toolbox", which was designed to make it easy to write editors in TurboPascal. I don't know how many people actually used it.
A fair number. I think I have a dozen or so DOS editors in my collection based on the Borland kit. --DMcCunney

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