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 A programmer's text editor for Windows.

 Author:   David Hamel
 Family:   BriefFamily
 License:  Commercial
 Platform: Windows

As written on Boxer's website...

Early versions of Boxer were influenced by the look-and-feel of Brief. The Boxer name itself began as a play on words: another style of men's underwear.

It seems to be very reasonably priced, compared to some TextEditors that are outrageously priced. IMHO, in 2005, anything over $250 is outrageous. -- RonPerrella

Boxer has a lot of the features you'd want: column marking and manipulation, compiler invocation, large file support.

Boxer has one pretty unique feature -- ColorSyntaxPrinting?. This is clearly a handy thing to have when passing around printed copies of your text, especially if it's a program of some sorts.


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