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cse (or ColoradoStateEditor?) is a text editor whose general feel is that of the IbmEditorFamily of editors like SlickEdit and E3.

 Author:   J. R. Applegate    
 Homepage: None  
 Download: http://www.retroarchive.org/garbo/pc/editor/colorado.zip
 Family:   TinyEditors, MsDosEditors, IbmEditorFamily    
 Platform: MS-DOS    
 License:  Public Domain    

I mean, it *really* feels like SlickEdit.

Yet there is no mention of the author. You can find it on garbo I believe -- Perrella

03/03/07 DMcCunney

The author was J. R. Applegate, at Colorado School of Mines:

"Date: 30 Nov 90 10:05:54 GMT From: japplega@csm9a.mines.colorado.edu Newsgroups: comp.binaries.ibm.pc Subject: cse, public domain text editor (part 01/01) Summary: From Colorado School of Mines

This is a small editor. Might be useful for someone who wants a *small* editor, since the whole package is <20k.

Enclosed find version 3.10 of the Colorado State Editor developed by J. R. Applegate at the Colorado School of Mines. This full featured editor is only 13K and features block copies, moves, upcase, lowcase, deletes, etc. New version features color, directory access, dos access, and numerous enhancements and features.... PUBLIC DOMAIN! But source code is NOT available! Submitted by Author."

It also feels a lot like Tim Baldwin's T for OS/2 and DOS, and Blair Thompson's X2 (derived from Tim Baldwin's XE). All have a similar interface with a command line and an editing screen, and have configurable key assignments.

NB: CSE is hard-coded to use a 25x80 screen. Folks who like to run console apps in 50x80 windows are better advised to look at T or X2.


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