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Frequently Asked Questions

I've added questions I get from folks but feel free to add your questions (and answers!)

I recommend trying SetEdit. It is the closest I've found. -- RonPerrella

Another option would be RHIDE, originally written for DJGPP, but subsequently ported to Linux. It and SetEdit are both console mode IDEs with features beyond a pure editor. They have a Borland Turbo-vision style interface and the WordStar command set, and are broadly similar in appearance and operation. RHIDE is part of the FreeDOS? distribution.

Notepad is pretty simple to emulate. A large number of Linux programs can easily accomodate. I recommend trying GEdit if you are running something like Ubuntu. Another option (oldie but goodie) is NEdit.

Another alternative is Leafpad or Mousepad. Both are simple GtK based editors. Mousepad is based on Leafpad, and is the standard editor for the XFCE desktop environment.

Please, not here! -- as I did yesterday, knowing no better -- but on ThingsIdLikeToSee --YahyaAA

Invalid UserID? 111, preferences not saved.
(Preferences require cookies, but no cookie was sent.)

Because, you see, I'm not blocking this site from setting cookies, nor does it appear to try to (using Firefox to force approval of each cookie request). And of course, I'm not entering the UserID? 111. Can anyone help me, please?


Unfortunately, we can't. You're running into a bug in the wiki code. I discovered it, and Ron dug into the underlying Perl code, but we don't know what's going on. It's truly annoying for me as principal maintainer of the wiki.

Ron and I plan to move the wiki to a different wiki software package. This site is done in WikiWiki, a Perl CGI script. It's simple and flexible, but we are pushing it's limits. There are things I would love to do with categories and the like that can't be done in what we have now.

This won't happen quickly. This site is a "When we have a moment" effort from Ron and I. If you want to get involved, contact info for me is on my Contributor page. Drop me a note.


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