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What fonts do you use for long text editing sessions ? Fixed width or variable width ?

Fixed width, generally Courier, though that's as much familiarity as anything. There's an interesting discussion of the topic at the Typophile site, here: with links to an assortment of candidates.

Fonts are subjects of Holy Wars, just like editors. As an ex-designer turned computer geek, I am highly amused by a lot of it. --DMcCunney

I have found the fonts Proggy Clean and Consolas very useful. Both available free online. --jcrites

Lucida Console and Vera Bitstream Mono are also pretty good. --rahp

Basically any proportional font will do it for me, as long as it has good hinting, or is bitmap. I stick with the Lucida family of fonts for this. There has been research done though to prove it really doesn't matter what type of font you use, but the spacing of the letters and words. (See: --lf94

Fixedsys a monospaced font. "It is the oldest font in Windows, and was the system font in Windows 1.0 and 2.0." Source: Fixedsys Excelsior is a ‘pan-unicode’ version of Fixedsys, it can be previewed and downloaded for free at

Thanks for the pointer. I prefer Consolas or Lucida Console, but this is a nice addition to the font collection. --DMcCunney

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