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Some CommonGripes are actually HolyWars.

For example, the issue of TabsVsSpaces is among the HolyWars.

ViVersusEmacs is another. (The hardest fought, and the longest surviving holy war.)

In the Plan 9 world there is a similar Holy War: sam vs. ACME (both created by RobPike!)

BoundOrUnboundCursor is a HolyWar? about whether or not the TextEditor should allow you to move the cursor anywhere on the screen or not.

KeyboardsMatter has a good example of a HolyWar? -- not that HolyWars are bad.

ControlKeysvsCapsLock is about the location that IBM chose for putting the CapsLock.

On most prior computer keyboards, that was the location of the control key. This made using EmacsFamily editors much easier.

Some keyboards allow you to swap those keys around.

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