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 Interactive System Productivity Facility

 Author:    IBM Corporation 
 Family:    MainframeEditorFamily
 Platform:  IBM s390 under MVS or z/OS
 License:   Commercial


The closest thing to a IDE on a mainframe.

From ISPF, you can edit, compile, link, run and debug programs. That includes storing them in libraries and using source control systems. ISPF is to mainframers what Emacs is to Unix heads. An environment in which you spend your entire work day.


 Screenshot: (Running is a window in a 3270 emulator on Windows)

I feel I must point out that technically, ISPF is a dialog manager, while the ISPF editor is called PDF. --JLTurriff

No, PDF included a lot more than EDIT, back when it was a separate product. These days the function split off into PDF is back in the ISPF base, although the component names remain -- SJMetz

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