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 JERED is a full page text editor for Unix. It is based on the text editor E from IBM.

 Author:   Jerome Alet
 Family:   UnixEditorFamily
 Platform: Unix/Linux? (provided as C source)
 License:  GPL

The old name was JE, which meant Jerome's Editor. Now it is called JERED, which means JErome's Renamed EDitor.

This editor features: automatic color enhancement of C and C++ syntax, recording & playback of macros, multi-file sessions, automatic screen size recognition, block movements, shell escapes, custom user configuration, small run size (about 45K with a shared ncurses library, and about 170K with a static ncurses lib, very fast loading, and straightforward design.


NOTE: I'm not sure this is actually anything like the E editor. The keymappings seem quite different. Anyone else agree?

I haven't looked in detail at the keymappings, but I think the inspiration was the overall design of E, with things like the status bar on top and and a menubar at the bottom of common actions and the F-keys they are bound to. (IIRC, E offered configurable F-key bindings, though memory may be failing me.) --DMcCunney

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