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 MS-DOS and Windows editor which emulates mainframe Xedit

 Author:   Mansfield Software
 Family:   IbmEditorFamily, MainframeEditorFamily
 License:  Commercial
 Platform: Windows, MsDos

This is a member of the IbmEditorFamily though not produced by IBM.

It is a professional XEDIT partial clone that runs on MsDos and MsWindows? by Mansfield Software.

It uses a built-in MacroLanguage called "KEXX" which is a derivative of RexxLanguage. It also supports an external Rexx interpreter so that you can use Rexx facilities not included in KEXX. This allows you to extend the editor with your own features. Thankfully, folks have already written lots of macros.

In particular, they have cool macros like COLS.

While KEDIT is missing major XEDIT functionality, e.g., prefix macros, it also has functionality not present in XEDIT, e.g., user-defined keyboard mapping.

[Rex Swain's KEDIT/KEXX Summary]

I've used this editor and in my experience it is powerful and solid. -- RonPerrella
While I missed the XEDIT prefix macros and update support, the combination of KEDIT and REXX was a comfortable and stable environment when last I used it.

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