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 An EmacsFamily TextEditor that implements a subset of the full Emacs commandset.

 Maintainer: Daniel Lawrence
 Homepage:   http://www.aquest.com/emacs.htm 
 Download:   http://www.mtxia.com/css/Downloads/Editors/MicroEMACS/index.shtml (Binaries for many platforms)
             http://www.printscan.net/me.html (Binaries for many platforms)
             https://sites.google.com/site/texteditors/Home/files/me400ntigui.zip (Pierre Perret port of uEmacs 4.0 to Windows)
 Family:     EmacsFamily
 License:    Open source
 Platforms:  Windows, DOS, Linux (other unices should be possible.)
 RefCard:    http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/emacs/help.html

02/24/09 A preliminary release of MicroEMACS 5.0 is available for download! Much better Windows XP console mode handling highlights this version. The ZIP file includes new sources, a Windows XP executable, updated documentation including a new PDF. I am still creating new installers for the final distribution package. For now copy the executable and CMD files over where they are on yor Windows XP system. Anywhere along the PATH will do. Download: http://www.aquest.com/downloads/emacs5.zip (Executables and source)

Written by Dave Conroy and extended by Daniel Lawrence, it is a powerful editor and highly portable (not just among UNIX flavors but also DOS, AmigaDOS, VAX/VMS, and others.) It has been the basis for quite a few text editors.

There is a new version, written without Lawrence's intervention, called JASSPA MicroEmacs that is based on the 3.8 version. It seems to have significant improvements.

Walter Bright has also written a variant of Conroy's original, available in a single package containing C source code, and binaries for DOS16, DOS32, Win32, and Linux. See Conroy MicroEmacs.

There is another branch that turned into MG (formerly MicroGnuEmacs), an attempt at making a MicroEmacs that was more compatible with the GnuEmacs keyboard bindings.

It is also the basis for VILE, GNOME, JED, CRISP, ZILE, CHET's Editor, and surely many more.


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