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Ron Perrella is the webmaster for this site.

I thoroughly enjoy learning new TextEditors and I'm anything but a bigot -- I've used both VI and Emacs as well as a slew of other text editors. I believe in using the right editor for the job and that no one size fits all.

My email is lastname (lowercase) at that yahoo place.

Historically, I started on the following text editors in chronological order...

I know that at some point, I was using freemacs as well but I can't place it in history!

So, what am I using today?

My primary TextEditor is VIM. It is powerful, fast, and runs on anything. I have it installed on all of my Windows and Linux machines. At work, it is the very first tool I port to any platform. Although I've used VIM for years, I'm quite poor at plain vi. No visual marking with the 'V' key? How crude!

I also use the NotePadPlusPlus TextEditor as a replacement for Windows' NotePad which just stinks ( I used to use CrimsonEditor but it is dead. then PSPad as well )

I dabble with other text editors when I'm working but those two do most of the heavy lifting.

I have written GnuEmacs Lisp macros as well as SlickEdit macros. Unfortunately, at $300+ a pop, SlickEdit is out of my price range. That's when GnuEmacs or XEmacs starts to look really good. I haven't (in 2006) started using a MacroLanguage with VIM.

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