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Roscoe is an "interactive environment" product for IBM z/OS systems, similar in purpose to ISPF.

 Author:       Computer Associates (CA)
 Family:       IbmEditorFamily
 License:      Commercial
 Availability: yes
 Platform:     z/OS

Roscoe is a bit different than other mainframe interactive products. Its interface appears to be a text editor with interfaces to the rest of the OS grafted on. One logs onto Roscoe and is presented with the editor display. The editor is much like Xedit or ISPF/PDF, with a command line and prefix area for entering commands.

Primary (command-line) commands not only manipulate the contents of the edit buffer, but also communicate with the operating system to submit jobs, print reports, transmit and receive messages and files, etc.

Roscoe has a macro language called RPF (Roscoe Programming Facility) which is used like Rexx is in ISPF, to provide editor extensions and display interactive formatted panels.

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