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 Shareware text editor emulating IBM mainframe SPF editor

 Author:   George
 Homepage: http://spflite.com/
 Family:   IbmEditorFamily, MainframeEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Shareware - 25.00

"Is this you?

Well, maybe you've found the solution - SPF Lite.

It won't be everything ISPF/PDF is (it is called Lite) but it will surprise you with its flexibility, customization features, and additional commands and editing concepts to enhance your ability to 'get the job done'. SPFLite has been continually developed and enhanced far beyond its humble beginnings. Whether you have an SPF/ISPF background or not, you should find SPFLite to be a powerful and useful editing facility.

Please try it out and let us know what you think. Regardless of whether you end up using it, or whether you register or not, we welcome all your comments, good and bad. The best place to leave your comments is on the SPFLite Forum.

Please check out our newest release of SPFLite 7.1 for 2014 at www.SPFLite.com. The web site now contains the entire reference manual as HTML so you can browse it before you decide to download the editor."


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