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This is the list of site outages we have had.

As yet, no site outages due to our hosting provider, It has been quite solid since before November 2004 (I'm not entirely sure I know when this site was created.)

On 6/8/2015-6/9/2015, we had an outage due to the upgrade of the Perl CGI.PM module used by our wiki software. Special thanks to Gordon L at Hostgator who went above and beyond to offer a fix for the code. We were down about a day.

I discovered the outage while attempting to do routine maintenance, and emailed Ron. A new version of Perl had been installed, and a Perl module TextEditors required was deprecated and removed in the upgrade. When the module wasn't found, the site failed to load.

I thought the simplest solution was restoring the module, but a HostGator tech apparently discovered calling a different non-deprecated module would fix the problem, and adjusted the TextEditors code.

This sort of thing is not what I expect from a hosting service - in general, they just host, and whether the site works is the site owner's problem. I'm pleased and impressed.


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