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 The Thomson-Davis Editor

 Maintainer:   Jason Hood
 Download: (3rd party static Linux build)
 Mailing list:
 Family:       IbmEditorFamily, CuaFamily, WordStarFamily
 License:      Public Domain, with C source available
 Platform:     MsDos, Windows, Linux

As it says on the website:

TDE is a simple, public domain, multi-file/multi-window binary and text file editor written for IBM PCs and close compatibles running MSDOS, Win32 (console) or Linux. TDE is suitable for editing batch files, binary files, text files, and various computer language source code files (with configurable syntax highlighting). The only limit on the number and size of files that TDE can handle is the amount of memory. Likewise, the only limit on the number of windows is the amount of memory. There is no preset maximum number of files or windows that may be open at any one time.

TDE allows for remapping of the keyboard, including assigning two-key and three-key combinations to commands. TDE can handle piped input and has a modest macro language. It is possible to compare differences between 2 buffers or files. Built-in ASCII charts, nice ASCII design capabilities. TDE lets you change the typing direction from left-to-right to right-to-left (helpful for Hebrew, Arabic, etc.), or even straight-down in a vertical column (helpful if you're creating crossword puzzles or doing a line drawing). Supports IBM-OEM graphics characters (single-line and double-line) for diagrams. Change the line endings (Unix/DOS) on the fly, show embedded TABs and actual End-Of-Line to discover trailing spaces.

NB: the static Linux build has issues. It pegs the CPU at 100%. Jason confirms that it is polling the keyboard, which is responsible for the problem, but isn't sure how to fix it.

Default look and feel feels a lot like E3 IBM so I would classify this as an IbmEditorFamily editor -- RonPerrella

Also has included configs for Cua and WordStar keymaps. --DMcCunney

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