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All about testing Text Editors.

For Performance Testing, there are TextEditorBenchmarks?.

But is there an official one? help!

Perhaps create a standard list of tests to do? These could be backed with MacroPlayback? that stresses the efficiency of the text editor. Of course, these are specific per text editor. The total time to do all the tests should indicate a more efficient text editor. Typing speed should be the average, and there should be a certain time penalty for using the mouse. Otherwise, if we wanted to avoid MacroPlayback? all together, and simply count the number of physical actions it takes to do a task, maybe we would get accurate results that way too.

For example, "Insert text in the middle of the text, then highlight it and delete it"

In the modal editor Vi, one would use the commands to do this. Simply count the amount of action keys hit to get there.

Together that would come up to a score of 12. The lower the better. This doesn't count the time though it takes to reach for number keys though. If the user reached for the mouse we don't know how long that would take either, making me lean towards MacroPlayback? again.

The MacroPlayback? time could be combined with the scores to better determine efficiency?


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