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These are text editors that have not been classified into one of the TextEditorFamilies.

Pick one up, put it in the right place and remove it from this list.

Having just looked at the thread, not really. The question is where you draw the line on a text editor. The software discussed in the thread may include an editor, but it goes beyond that. What they are discussing is essentially IDEs for creating prose instead of code. There may be a text editor, but there are also facilities for keeping track of ideas, characters, plot outlines, continuity... I know one chap who was looking at adding custom modes to extend Gnu Emacs that way. If the text editor involved can be treated as a stand alone component, I'd add it, but I'd be reluctant to include it otherwise. --DMcCunney

Update: After thinking about it a while, I decided that if there were IDEs for programmers listed on the wiki, IDEs for writers qualified too, so there is an IDEFamily where both types are listed. --DMcCunney

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