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 Vi Improved, a cross platform editor modeled on Unix vi

 Author:        Bram Moolenaar
 IRC Home:
 Web Ring:
 Family:        ViFamily  VIMFamily
 License:       Open source
 Platform:      Linux, MS-DOS, Windows, others

Version 7.3 was released on 08/15/10

Undoubtly the greatest ViFamily editor of them all. Unlike original vi, Vim has unlimited undo. Another important features include 'painting' of text regions for copying, cutting and pasting (so called visual mode).

Vim is based on STevie. Originally Vim meant 'Vi Imitated'. It originally ran on Commodore Amiga computers and is now ported to many platforms: Vim runs on most Unix-variants and for example Windows(all versions), DOS, MacOS? (9.* and MacOS? X), VMS, OS/2 and Acorn RISC OS. In Unix and VMS it runs on text mode and on X Window System (Motif/Lesstif?-, Gtk- and Qt-widgets). It has a native GUI on many other operating systems, too.

VIM can be expanded through the use of its internal MacroLanguage. In addition, five additional scripting languages can be used: PerlLanguage, PythonLanguage, RubyLanguage and TclLanguage, as well as [MzScheme].

VIM has a lot of add-ons written in its macro language. One that is well liked in particular is [CREAM]. It turns VIM into a more Apple/Microsoft? flavored editor.

This is my preferred text editor. -- RonPerrella


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