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Editors that do not use the windows registry

This section lists text editors that run under Microsoft Windows, but do not save their files, settings, and user customizations to the Windows Registry. This is very handy if you want to find a text editor that can be put on a flash drive, a ZIP disk, or other portable media (even a CD-ROM) without worrying if it might not work because it needs to query a Registry of the host computer.

Uninstalling these editors should be simple: just remove the directory that contains the primary executable, and then delete all the files and folders in that directory. If the Registry is untouched, that's the goal. Another goal is that the editor does not leave hidden files in other folders, such as under "Documents and Settings\{username]\Application Data\{program-name}" (common Windows technique).

Older 16-bit DOS editors from pre-Win95 days don't belong here. They work without the registry, by definition. To get here, the app. should be a 32-bit editor, recognize the Windows Clipboard, and ideally have a GUI interface or work in resizable console mode (text-based editor with resizable windows). Please list your favorites in their proper categories:

Windows GUI interface

Console editors

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