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 Alternative to TSO/SPF on IBM mainframes

 Author:    Stanford University
 Homepage:  http://www.stanford.edu/dept/its/support/wylorv/
 Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORVYL_and_WYLBUR
 Family:    MainframeEditorFamily
 Platform:  OS/MVS
 License:   Mozilla Public License

(Install files are in a gzipped tar archive. Download to a Unix system, unpack, and move to the mainframe as desired.)

This is mainframe based editor, originally written for IBM OS/360 as part of the ORVYL time-sharing environment, and over time migrated to the various IBM MVS operating systems and also IBM CMS. As an editor (as opposed to full interactive session) it has lower overhead than TSO, and a far richer command set which included a fairly powerful shell language (EXEC).

Early developers included Stanford University and the US National Institute of Health (NIH).

The original Wylbur editor was line-editor based, not full-screen, but commercial versions such as OBS Wylbur provided full-screen support by early 1980's. Wylbur has fallen out of favor as interactive use of native mainframe environments (TSO, CMS, ROSCOE, Wylbur) have dropped since ~ 1990.

For ACM members, more information can be found at http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/362041.362234 on the ACM portal. This is a link to an early (May 1973) article on Wylbur, which abstract of which (from the ACM web site) is:

WYLBUR is a comprehensive system for manipulating all kinds of text, such as computer programs, letters, and manuscripts, using typewriter terminals connected to a computer. It has facilities for remote job entry and retrieval as well as facilities for text alignment and justification. A powerful method for addressing text by content is provided. This paper describes the external appearance of WYLBUR as well as its internal structure. A short description of the major features of ORVYL, a general purpose time-sharing system which operates in conjunction with WYLBUR, is also

Any more info would be appreciated!

There is another editor called SuperWylbur in this index which is related. -- RonPerrella

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