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The first editor I used was a line editor on a Sperry Univac machine, connected via a teletype terminal.

My first full screen editor was Edgar on IBM's VM/CMS. We later upgraded to XEDIT, which was a great improvement.

The first PC editor I used was the IBM Personal Editor. Later, having really liked XEDIT, I purchased KEDIT for the PC, which was a very good XEDIT clone for the PC's. Other editors I used were the WANG system editor, the see editor that came with Desmet C, and the TurboPascal editor.

In 1984 I started developing QEDITand founded [SemWare Corporation] in 1985. By then my keystroke habits were a cross between XEDIT/KEDIT and WordStar (although I'd never used WordStar, but I had become very familiar with the keystrokes because of the Turbo Pascal editor). QEdit was initially developed with Turbo Pascal v2, and the first version was distributed in late November 1985.

In 1988 I said goodbye to Pascal and started converting QEdit to C.

In 1990 SemWare started development on TheSemwareEditor (TSE) and we distributed the first version in 1991.

I continue to work on TSE, and have a blast doing it!

Along the way, I have become a collector of editor's.

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