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Naturally, there is a good discussion about editor power in the [SoftPanorama] pages.

Another good discussion is in ESR's writings on Unix: http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/taoup/html/ch13s03.html

Among the most powerful editors, I would elect the following:

To be a high powered editor, you have to have the following features (in my opinion):

Of course other people have other opinions, and one of those is that an editor with all the features above would be considered bloated. 'High power' should be interpreted in context, especially in terms of code size. If you posit a 'lean and mean' editor (say no more than 32K, pref 16K or less) a set of criteria might be:

I think some of those cited features are not so important.

Features that I consider indispensable:

Additional and typical, if not strictly necessary, aspects of this feature include IncrementalSearch, RegularExpressions, and HighlightAll?.


CategoryCommandLine? CategoryMultipleBuffers? CategoryRegularExpressions? CategoryLargeFileHandling CategoryFileManager?

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