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 pcedit32 is a TextEditor that is in the IbmEditorFamily.

 Author:   Thomas W. Steiner
 Download: http://www.simtel.net/free/Business-Office-Suites-Tools/pcedit32-zip/44670.html  (MS-DOS)
 Family:   IbmEditorFamily
 Platform: MS-DOS, Unix, VMS
 License:  Freeware

It is a clone of the E editor. It was written by Thomas W. Steiner in Canada and versions are available for MsDos, VMS, and Unix.

Review: It seems pretty similar to E. I've noticed a few differences. It appears to have not implemented all of the FunctionKeys. So, instead of 'F1' for Help, you press ESC '?'. My attempts to find the author and his website have failed. So, you're better off using another one of the IbmEditorFamily TextEditors if you want support.

03/03/07 DMcCunney

I can't find the author or a homepage either. The software is available for DOS in the Download link. The version on the site dates from 1993. I've no idea where to find the Unix or VMS versions.

Update: 10/06/07 DMcCunney

Thomas W. Steiner is now Dr. Thomas W. Steiner, Chief Scientist for Etalim, Inc., a company in Vancouver, Canada devoted to efficient generation and use of energy. PCEdit32 has evolved into a Windows version he still uses daily, but isn't available due to perceived lack of interest. I've invited him to stop by here and comment.

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