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 The Source Entry Utility SEU is the standard text editor on the AS/400.  

 Author:   IBM Corporation
 Family:   IbmEditorFamily MiniComputerFamily
 Platform: IBM System 34, 36, 38, AS-400
 License:  Commercial

It is firmly rooted in the IbmEditorFamily of TextEditors.

It has features particular to supporting the 400, such as the ability to call up assisted editing forms for the RPG language. From personal experience, I can tell you these are essential forms when learning RPG.

(The editorial about the primary programming language used on the iSeries is a bit ironic here in an Editor Wiki.) To set the record straight, RPG has a very old dialect which some people still use. The modern version of the language (RPG IV) is quite sophisticated. Furthermore, IBM does not recommend the use of SEU to edit RPG code any more. Rather, they recommend an iSeries-enabled version of Eclipse, called Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries, or WDSCi?. It has two GUI editors: Code/400 (see Code400?and Lpex (sometimes called jLpex).

You can learn more about the AS/400 (or IBM iSeries as it is now known) here:

Features of SEU include: FullScreen

Line-level commands for formatting a line or block of lines. Type the command over the sequence number and press Enter. For help, place the cursor in the sequence number and press F1. There is a facility for writing your own line commands.

SEU commands for shortcuts to common functions of the Find/Change? panel and the Change Session Defaults panel.

Function keys allocated to frequently used tasks and to access various prompting panels.

IBM info on editing on iSeries machines, including SEU, EDTF, and other means, is here:

Thanks to whomever added the info about Eclipse. Back in the day, I did a bit of AS/400 programming (now iSeries) and SEU was a lifesaver. I'm curious if Eclipse can be made to function as well for RPG as SEU did. I'm glad to hear that RPG has gotten better. The editorial on RPG was there only to point out the need for SEU. I could not imagine writing RPG without it. I'm curious also as to how LPEX has evolved on the iSeries since it appears to have been abandoned for platforms such as Unix or Windows. Any info out here?

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