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 A language sensitive editor that runs on OS/2. 

 Author:   Mike Colishaw
 Homepage: http://www.ibm.com  
 Manual:   http://web.ccr.jussieu.fr/ccr/Documentation/Calcul/usr-share/html/vatools/en_US/lpex/concepts/clusedit.htm#top
 Family:   IbmEditorFamily
 Platform: OS/2
 License:  Commercial  (Bundled with VisualAge? C++)

It was written by MikeCowlishaw at IBM.

More docs: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/wsadhelp/v5r1m2/topic/com.ibm.lpex.doc.user/concepts/coverview.htm (for WebSphere?).

See also this article in OS/2 Ezine: [LPEX - The 'Other' Programmer's Editor]

Interestingly enough, it seems that a version of LPEX, written in JavaLanguage was originally in one of the early versions of Eclipse. It appears to have been removed since.

Wrong - it lives on in RAD!!!1111``

Can someone confirm this? -- RonPerrella

It is apparently part of IBM's WebSphere? Studio and you must license that to get it. --DMcCunney

Personally, I found LPEX to be very similar to and EPM on OS/2. -- RonPerrella

Apparently, LPEX and Code400? are both used from jLPEX? a new dialect of LPEX.

The LpexKeyboardLayout? is a derivative of the typical IbmEditorFamily KeyboardLayout.


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